Online Legal Advice – Is It Worth It?

Who really knows about the law and who doesn’t? The average man on the street doesn’t, that’s for sure. We operate by conjecture and what we’ve heard, but the only person who really know is a lawyer. And this is the main reason why lawyers exist, to hand out legal advice to people who don’t really know anything about the law.

Lawyers can help an individual bring cases to bear and to protect them when they need legal help. This is true no matter on which side of the legal fence the client sits!

In 2012 though, one of the most popular ways of getting help is by seeking online legal advice. Not everyone has the funds necessary to visit a solicitor every time he or she needs advice on some minor issue, but looking on a reputable internet site may cost very little.

One of the first things to look at when seeking online legal advice is the country in which you live, and the country of the site giving the advice. It’s not much use to take the advice of someone living in an entirely different country which may have completely different laws. You will always want to take advice from someone in your own country. Or someone who has your country as their area of expertise.

The most helpful thing that I’ve found when seeking legal help in this fashion is the often huge FAQ’s that some legal sites have. These are super helpful, because often other people have had similar issues to you and have had their problems solved. Using these can mean you won’t have to trawl through hundreds of pages on the net and you may be able to find out the answers to your questions without spending any money. It has to be said though that first hand advice from a qualified solicitor is still the best way of getting this sort of information.

Moving on with that thought in mind, online legal advice in no way replaces an actual lawyer. It’s just advice, pure and simple. Advice can’t represent you in court, so online advice might not be the right thing for you, especially if your case is very serious.

Getting help with legal problems online can help with (and of course this isn’t an exhaustive list) things like:

  • Noisy Neighbours
  • Domestic Issues
  • Your Rights
  • Compensation when you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault

And so forth. As you can see, this list is minor and no list I could write would cover even a small percentage of the information you can actually find on the web. That’s why it’s best to spend a while checking out some great sites and really looking at what your options are.

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