Free Legal Advice – Discover Your Legal Right to Compensation

If you have suffered a work injury, a car accident, motorbike accident or mine accident or have suffered an injury from a slip or fall in a public place it would be wise to seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer as you may be entitled to thousands of dollars in compensation.

Compensation entitlements may include any losses and expenses that have resulted from the injury and compensation may be awarded for your pain and suffering. Your injury does not have to be severe and in many cases just suffering an injury may mean you have legal entitlements to compensation.

By seeking legal advice early on you can ascertain all your entitlements. In many cases you may be entitled to a variety of different claims depending on your circumstances and you may not be able to lodge these claims directly with the insurer. One example of this is workers compensation through WorkCover. Claims lodged through WorkCover do not include a common law claim (or negligence claim) these have to be lodged separately by a personal injury lawyer (attorney or solicitor).

Claims such as a common law claim (or negligence claim) require the services of a good lawyer who will prepare and present your case to ensure you get the maximum compensation you legally and rightfully deserve.

If you have a permanent impairment or an ongoing health issue you may require the services of a good personal injury lawyer. Once an offer is accepted from an insurance company, you will be prevented from making any further claims such as a common law claim. This is why it is very important to seek free legal advice for your accident or injury. If you have been offered compensation seek legal advice before you sign, to make sure the amount is sufficient and check if you are receiving your just entitlements.

If you are entitled to a common law claim you should never accept or sign. In some cases you may be tempted to sign as it means much needed financial support quickly, however you may miss out of a much larger sum if you settle early without seeking proper advice from a personal injury lawyer. Seek the right advice first, be aware of your rights and then decide.

The compensation claims process is available offering much needed support and assistance for you and your family, now and for the future, do remember these much needed funds are your legal right. If you have been injured you can take the following steps towards obtaining compensation:

Step 1: Report the injury – to an employer if the incident happened at work – to the police if the incident involved a car, motorbike or other vehicle

Step 2: Lodge the claim – with your employers workers compensation insurer (your employer should have the relevant forms) – with the CTP insurer (contact the relevant insurance company for the relevant forms)

Step 3: Seek free legal advice to

  • discover your legal right to compensation
  • obtain a free case review – find out everything you are entitled to claim
  • find out if you require the services of a personal injury lawyer
  • find out if you case qualifies for a no win no fee arrangement

By obtaining free legal advice you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You could gain thousands of dollars in compensation to help you get your life back on track after suffering an injury. Get free legal advice, get your case reviewed and discover your legal right to compensation without delay.

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