Bristol Employment Solicitor Helps Students Give Free Legal Advice

Need any legal advice? Forget those cartoonish visions of invoices as long as your arm for the hundred and one billable hours somehow clocked up by a scamming solicitor, who kept you on hold for half an hour while he adjusted his hairpiece all the while you were on the clock at £100 per hour. The Bristol Law School has decided to embark upon a scheme in which its students will offer free legal advice to the local community, run by the Law Society.

This may appear to be a knee-jerk reaction to the current recession and job losses and the project is certainly not without its potential dangers, (surely some students may find it amusing to dispense laws on what time Neighbours should officially be watched) but fear not, they will all be under the supervision of lecturers, professors and even qualified solicitors and lawyers.

This being a time of financial unrest, there will certainly be many people wanting advice about their employment status, be it whether they can get more money out of their employers, they have been unfairly dismissed or simply legal advice on how safe their job security actually is.

A Bristol employment solicitor will be working with the students to ensure that they administer the correct responses to the public’s questions and that they are as informed and prepared as possible. With many job cutbacks in the city of Bristol, it is thought that employment will be a key issue in the project, with many of Bristol’s citizens requesting legal information about their job status or future prospects.

The system will see students offering advice on actual cases under the Community Legal Advice and Representation Service (CLARS) as well as including a street law project in which students will give interactive lessons concerning the business of law, rights and responsibilities at local schools and other venues.

It is hoped that the project will not only encourage the citizens of Bristol to request legal advice on their varying issues and problems but help the students develop their skills and guidance values as well as raising awareness about certain legal issues, including employment law. The fact that today’s students will be tomorrow’s solicitors is an important factor in the encouragement and development of these bright young things.

If you do have an employment issue that cannot be answered by one of these students, or you have a more serious issue regarding your employment then contact a Bristol employment solicitor today for some professional legal advice.

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